Friday, March 25, 2011

Special Needs Gymnastics

Did I mention I love Utah!!!! I love all the opportunities there are for my girls! It's a blessing for me. Roxy has been doing Gymnastics here in Kaysville, and Shay was always asking me if she could do it too. I felt horrible because I knew that she wouldn't be able physically and developmentally to do all the things kids her age do in their class.

So I finally got the nerve up to ask the owner if she would consider doing a class just for kids with special needs. She said YES right away!! I was soooo excited about it, a couple people I know around have came, but I am going to take fliers around. I am so excited about it, Shay and I both smile the whole time. Most things are very hard and frustrating for Shay and it's nice to see her just play and just be happy for the whole 50 minutes!!
Roxy went to Shay's a few times, but she is not paying attention at all in this class. She did her first handstand this time, all by herself!! YAY Roxy!! I will be taking to her own class starting next week. :)

First tooth!

Shay lost her first tooth!! I can't get over it, I think it's sooo cute!!!!

My Shay Shay

I love this little girl!! I am sooo proud of all the hard work she has put in during her short life. Shay is kinda demanding lately, I thought as she got older she would get a little easier and a little more independent. She is getting a little more independent, she can put on her own socks now, her own panties, her pants, her rain boots. She still needs help with everything else. She rarely has to do all that in one setting, she takes a little while and about 5 times prompting just to one of them. :)

Shay is driving me crazy lately, she is obsessed with eating! I have talked with therapist and dieticians, and I am trying new ideas that they are giving me. It seems as though she is starving at all times and no matter how much I feed her she is never satisfied. It has gotten to the point the where I had to buy a baby gate (which the kids pretend they are in prison with, haha). It has been working to keep her out of the kitchen, but not helping with her fits over food. She yells out all the time, "I want to go to WENDY'S" I regret now ever going out to eat, EVER! It has really been affecting our family life at home. I guess it's just another speed bumb we have to get over, I am trying my best and that's all I can do.

I just love looking at her sweet little face though.........

Thursday, August 26, 2010

1p36 Deletion Syndrome Conference in SLC Utah

In July we were able to attend and help plan for the 4th Annual 1p36 Conference. Luckily it was here in Utah so we could finally go. This year was our first one. It was really nice to be able to meet other families and to get the know the other kids. They are all so sweet and little angels.

I liked what Rachel Coleman from 'Signing Time' said "It's amazing to think about all the people I would know if I didn't have a deaf daughter" It's so true for all us 1p36 families. We wouldn't know any of you if Shay didn't have her syndrome. I am thankful we live in these days that I can communicate with other Mom's and to be able to meet so many other families who know what we are going through. It is was so amazing and a huge blessing in my life! Here a few pictures to remember the weekend by....Shay and Sammie

Shay's Speech and Occupation Therapist's were able
to come and help out. Love them!!!
Getting ready to go to the Discovery Gateway MuseumAt the Children's Museum Shay, Joseph,
Sammie, Callie, and TaylorWe took a few people out to Antelope Island to see the Salt Lake
Shay and her friend Abby, they are only 1 day apart

Monday, June 28, 2010

Another trip to Vegas!

We decided to take a break from life and go down to Las Vegas to stay with John's Dad and family. We had a great time with them, and the kids really enjoyed their Uncle Wyatt. We mostly just played in the water, it was too hot to even go to the park in at 9 in the morning. It was a blast and well worth the drive.(At the park at 9am)

(Those goggles look a little tight)
(At the water park with Uncle Wyatt)
(Shay loved this fountain I think more than me)
(My beauty Shay)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

What are Sisters for????

Roxy has been such a big help to Shay in the past couple years. She has really come to love her and teach help me her all the time. She teaches her to count and teaches her letters. When they do play good together, she teaches her to pretend play. Roxy is an excellent role model for Shay! Shay is a lucky girl to have such a smart, almost always kind sister. :) We love her too!!! SO MUCH!!!

A few pictures of Shay & Roxy over the years:

so PROUD!!! & Easter

I am so proud of this little girl. She has come so far it's amazing, she always surprises and amazes me. The little things are the big things for Shay. Like the other day how she wanted to go home and she told me "I want to go home!" I didn't even care that she was complaining because I was so excited she said "to" in her sentence. This was a complete sentence for Shay and it was awesome!! It's little things like this that make me a proud Mama to my little Shay Shay.

It was a good day and weekend. Cold by Fun!!