Friday, March 25, 2011

Special Needs Gymnastics

Did I mention I love Utah!!!! I love all the opportunities there are for my girls! It's a blessing for me. Roxy has been doing Gymnastics here in Kaysville, and Shay was always asking me if she could do it too. I felt horrible because I knew that she wouldn't be able physically and developmentally to do all the things kids her age do in their class.

So I finally got the nerve up to ask the owner if she would consider doing a class just for kids with special needs. She said YES right away!! I was soooo excited about it, a couple people I know around have came, but I am going to take fliers around. I am so excited about it, Shay and I both smile the whole time. Most things are very hard and frustrating for Shay and it's nice to see her just play and just be happy for the whole 50 minutes!!
Roxy went to Shay's a few times, but she is not paying attention at all in this class. She did her first handstand this time, all by herself!! YAY Roxy!! I will be taking to her own class starting next week. :)


JoSue said...

Hey Tressa! Thanks for the comment on my blog. Honestly, I had no memory that my mom made you a towel like that. I'm callin her up and putting her to work because seriously, hooded towels are great. I'm glad to hear you used yours for so long.

My parents are good. They are in Idaho Falls and really like it there. They plan to retire in the house they are in so that's good. My Dad will retire from his job next year and he can't wait! Two of my sisters and my sister-in-law had a baby this year also so my parents got 6 new grandchildren! ha! Sad that half are mine :) I'm going home in June and I'm really excited.

I follow this and Jon's blog and think about you often. Looks like you are doing an incredible job!